• Valurise Mighty Doctor ® was invited to join the Shanghai Innovation and Technology Fair

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    When the symptoms of physical discomfort appear, choose the corresponding diseases and symptoms, open the trigger-type continuous consultation, the "artificial intelligence family doctor" automatically guesses the possibility of various diseases, and then quickly obtain the scientific evidence-based artificial intelligence self-diagnosis results," Do you want to see a doctor?", "What will the doctor say?"This "artificial intelligence family doctor" is no longer a science fiction, VHS artificial intelligence self-diagnosis system “Valurise Mighty Doctor®” is the world's top family doctors around us! It can answer more than 2,000 kinds of common diseases and adapt to more than 95% of the physical discomfort. It has been online for more than 3 years, and has helped more than 30 million people to obtain effective consultation advice.

    "Valurise Mighty Doctor®" Landed in Shanghai Innovation and Technology Fair

    The world's top artificial intelligence family doctor appeared at the 2018 Shanghai Innovation and Technology Fair until 7th October. The event was organized by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, the Propaganda Department of the Shanghai Municipal Committee, the Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration, and the Pudong New Area People's Government. Hosted, the theme of the Science and Technology Carnival is “City of Tomorrow”, which will create a city with a sci-fi sensation in the past, and integrate cutting-edge technology into all aspects of “clothing, food, housing and transportation”, and build a bridge for the general public to touch the forward-looking technology. As a key project of the “Shanghai Tourism Festival”, it will focus on Shanghai's cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, and showcase a “magic capital” full of science and technology and innovation to the national and even overseas visitors.

    As a forward-looking technology representative in the field of “Medical and Technology”, the “Valurise Mighty Doctor®” artificial intelligence self-diagnosis system was unveiled at this event, and the future doctors are at your fingertips.

    In the morning of September 30, the relevant deputy mayor of Shanghai, the Science and Technology Commission and other relevant leaders visited the “Valurise Mighty Doctor®”.

    Users can have free experience via "" Alipay or  "Valurise Mighty Doctor®” on we-chat

    Valurise Mighty Doctor®” Artificial Intelligence Self-diagnosis System

    It is the first time that VHS has obtained the “World's Best Hospital” Mayo Clinic database license, and after its adaptation and model transition in China, it integrates the International Association for Disease Management (IDMA) and international health. The Risk Management Association (IHRMA) has precipitated more than 100 years of medical health big data and artificial intelligence rule kernels, forming an artificial intelligence self-diagnosis system based on evidence-based science.

    The core competencies of “Valurise Mighty Doctor®” are based on more than ten years of integrated health care industry practice and big data foundation, deep nerve based on big data machine learning: Network technology, through artificial intelligence engine, cloud computing and other advanced technical means, which has established a series of intelligence for intelligent self-diagnosis, intelligent pre-diagnosis, diagnosis, diagnosis, pre-diagnosis health education and health promotion. Algorithm and knowledge base are the most in-depth, complete and convenient applications of current medical and health artificial intelligence technologies.


    The data shows that self-diagnosis is realized with the help of the “Valurise Mighty Doctor®” artificial intelligence family doctor.

    → 98% of users have more clear medical treatment

    →56% of users chose not to see the emergency department

    → 38% of users went to the appropriate hospital

    →20% of users get effective self-home care advice

    →97% of users think the system is trustworthy


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