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    2019.01  VHS won“Global Fintech Venture Competition Top 10”, hailed by China insurance news as "marking the first time in the history of the insurance industry to have a health insurance system based on artificial intelligence technology, empowering the medical big data group, numerous insurance companies and big data platform, and has become the infrastructure in industry” 
    2018.12  VHS won “China Internet Health Top 30”
    2018.12  VHS won “The key research project of the Artificial Intelligence Industry Development Strategy” from China National Democratic Construction Association 
    2018.11  VHS won “China EAP Industry 20th Anniversary Excellent Case Practicing Award”
    2018.10  VHS helped MetLife 360Health one-stop health solution 
    2018.09 VHS won “The Best Insurance Technology Innovation Award”  by Insurance China International Summit
    2018.02  CEO Ms. Zhang Zhiyun was honored with “Forbes 25 potential business women”
    2017  Released the first artificial intelligence application system, Valurise Artificial Intelligence Health Insurance ® cloud platform, won the "Best Insurance Technology Innovation Award"  
    2016 Won the US Red Herring Global 100 continuously with the Mighty Doctor® AI Diagnostic System, Released VHS inside ecological AI enabling strategy 

    Won the US Red Herring Global 100 continuously with V Health® Health O2O Model, Released the Mighty Doctor® Artificial Intelligence Diagnostic System 

    2014.08  Valurise Health Solutions is A 2014 Red Herring Top 100 Aisa Winner.
    2014.01  20 intellectual properties obtained.
    2013.12 The first cloud health product of “V Health” sub-brand jointly released with Mayo Clinic.
    2013.12 "The Third International Health Risk Management Forum” sponsored by VHS Group was held successfully in Shanghai and was crowned as one of the most influential forums specialized in “health risk management”.
    2013.07 Agreement signed with Mayo Clinic on exclusive long-term and comprehensive strategic partnership, opening a new chapter of China’s health service industry.
    2012.12 VHS Group has provided VHS health risk management services to nearly one million premium members from more than half of the international reinsurance groups and insurance companies in China and overseas.
    2012.12 VHS Group has provided VHS H-EAP service to over a hundred thousand employees of nearly a hundred Chinese and foreign famous enterprises.
    2012.02 The results of the Comprehensive Health Improvement Program for Community Population (CIPM) were actively promoted.
    2011.04 The 2010 Research Report on Chinese Employees Physical and Psychological Health Risk, jointly launched by China’s leading health risk management institution VHS Group and IDMA and strategically supported by a global top management magazine - Harvard Business Review, was released.
    2010.08 Form partnership with the Fortune Global 500, Sompo Japan Insurance (China) Co., Ltd.
    2010.07 Establish partnership with Allianz China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. of the world’s leading insurance and financial services group, Allianz Group.
    2010.05 Form partnership with Alibaba.com (China), the world’s leading Internet enterprise.
    2010.03 VHS Model is included in the Health Insurance Development Report in China, which is the first report particularly for Health Insurance in Chinese Insurance Industry. It’s the first time for the reformed Chinese Insurance Industry Association to research and analyze for one branch of insurance.
    2010.01 Establish partnership with MetLife Insurance Co., Ltd., one of the largest insurance company in U.S..
    2009.07 Form a strategic partnership with a local science park, the first Health Demonstration Science Park in Shanghai, which takes the lead to introduce the concept and practice of health risk management to Technology Park in China.
    2009.07 Form partnership with Taiping Pension Co., Ltd.
    2009.06 Establish a new VHS China Operation Center.
    2009.03 Program Baosteel for health improvement.
    2008.12 One week forum on Fortune & Health with China Merchants Bank (Shanghai) for high-end private finance and health risk management.
    2008.12 To set up an one-stop health chain V-Health Center (Xuhui) with Ruijin Hospital.
    2008.07 Become the first domestic health risk management partner of Social Security to conduct a pilot program with hundreds of thousands of high-end people for health risk management.
    2008.05 Open V-Health Center (Songjiang) with Shanghai First People’s Hospital, one of the leading hospital in China .
    2008.03 Establish a strategic partnership with German Cologne Reinsurance Company.
    2007.10 The health management collaboration network with well-known top hospitals in China opens.
    2007.10 VHS receive funding from Softbank China & India Holdings.
    2007.09 Sign a strategic agreement with Shanghai Health Bureau to collaborate with state-own hospitals.
    2007.09 Set up the Comprehensive Prevention of Chronic Disease and Health Management Research Funds with Shanghai government to fund the research project on the prevention and management in chronic disease.
    2007.08 Form a world-wide healthcare service network to provide medical second opinion.
    2007.05 Form a strategic partnership with Fudan Hospital Management Group, the well-known medical administrative organization in China.
    2006.11 Establish VHS China headquarters in Shanghai.
    2006.10 Form a strategic partnership with International Disease Management Alliance.