• Physical solutions

    In 2010, ministry of health published “citizen nutrition and health condition” indicates that adult high blood pressure morbidity is 18.8%, the number of patients increase 70 million from 1991, and the increase ratio is obviously in people above 20years old in big cities. Adult diabetes morbidity is 18.6%.It is similar in mid-aged and elder people. In the Healthy China 2020 the Second Forum on Chinese Health Risk Management, professional pointed out that: the general level that citizen have healthy awareness is only 6.48%, almost 70 percent citizen do not have scientific view of health, more than 80 percent citizen lack of knowledge on preventing infectious disease, safety and first aid, almost 90 percent citizen do not have medical attainment, more than 95 percent do not understand chronic disease prevention.

    VHS is the first health risk management service company in China, taking the lead to introduce the international break-through approach of the third generation of health management. Combined with practical situation in China, VHS develop H-EAP physical health risk management service. VHS physical health service based on health risk control, bring out specific health promotion project, one-stop providing enterprise health risk identification, risk control, health support, health education and other services.

    • Unique combined services of group health risk analyze and individual health risk assessment to identify health risk accurately.
    • Initiate health positive promote services model to practical manage and control health risk and decrease disease incidence and medical cost.
    • Huge selected health provider system (V-PPO) to establish selected health services network and provide careful medical support.
    • Various health education methods to increase enterprise health capital.