• Psychological solutions

    China health organization and EAP association performed “China enterprise employee occupational mental health management study”. The result shows that 99.13% white-collar suffer from pressure, depression, job burnout and other occupational psychological factors, 79.54% employee notice that occupational mental health influence job performance. According to incomplete statistics, we have more than 1200 enterpriser suicide from 1980 in mainland China.

    Employee assistance program (EAP) comes from the U.S. It is a systemic and long term help and welfare program that enterprises pay for their employee to improve employee and enterprise performance. Along with China economic integrated into international market, some of the multinational corporation and Hongkong and Taiwan corporations began to promote EAP in mainland China.

    VHS H-EAP mental services aim to help enterprise and employee understand and improve mental health condition, helping employee release work pressure, improve work mood and positivity, enhance employee confidence, handle college/customer relationship effectively, adapt to new environment quickly, and so on.

    Authoritative mental health assessment to qualitative and quantitative analyzes employee group mental health level and conducts high risk early warning.

    • The best fit mental consult technology for enterprise, which could focus and solve problems quickly to save enterprise health cost.
    • Various crisis intervention measures to help enterprise and employee walk away from mental dilemma.
    • Seamless connect with physical services to extreme enhance service utilization ratio and employee acceptability.