• Product Value-added Solutions

    2009 annual settlement of claims data released by an insurance company indicates that, the number of female cases caused by major disease is much higher than male cases which make up of 59.3% whole cases. The most concentrated age group with major disease settlement of claims is 31-50group.In the major disease settlement of claims cases, the most primary cause is cancer which make up of 77% whole cases.

    With the social economic development and increase, in order to develop insurance industry good and fast, it is not enough to achieve quantity target, they have to pay more attention on quality. Insurance industry should change from only seek for dimension extension to emphasize on integration of speed, quality, construction and profit. They have to focus on interior development, change from keep eyes on existing business area and subdivide existing market to look at the overall needs of social economic development, keep developing new business area and discover new business growth points. Insurance company depends on single channel past, in the future, insurance company have to consider how to conduct new market strategy to attract clients. Based on the tradition, insurance company need to have creative innovation, it is critical for them to introduce various value-added services. VHS cooperate with insurance company to conduct value-added products, add VHS services to insurance products as value-added services recommended to insurance customers by 5 marketing channels.