• VAIHI ® health insurance risk management solutions

    The application of VAIHI ®

    The artificial intelligence health insurance system (VAIHI ®) consists of seven intelligent modules of intelligent renewal, intelligent underwriting, intelligent intervention, intelligent claim settlement, intelligent data compilation, intelligent pharmacy benefit management and intelligent chronic disease management. VAIHI ® relies on its leading artificial intelligence logic and knowledge graph, the inside cooperation module at “infrastructure” level, and rich experience of highly energized the health insurance industry, providing 12 health risk management engines to empower health insurance industry for insurance industry. After 2 years practicing, the effect of the product is remarkable.


    The value of VAIHI ®

    For Health Insurance medical data: Realized the privacy protection of big data and the application of insurance industry

    “VAIHI ®” is based on 150-year big data disease diagnosis algorithm and massive medical knowledge map from Mayo Clinic, and obtain knowledge and logic graph under the supervision of Class A evidence. It avoids the “demon” phenomenon caused by unsupervised learning starting from “junk data”.

    VHS has directly connected medical big data with several medical big data groups and in China, and developed medical data into insurance models. For the contracted medical data, VHS can make direct compensation and quick compensation.

    For Health Insurance insured: Improve the health outcome of the insured effectively

    The artificial intelligence health risk diagnosis system reduces new incidence rate of 30%-50% , effectively control the occurrence of diseases and medical expenses through the management of health risks in chronic diseases and high-risk groups; every 1 yuan spends for health risk control can save 3.17 yuan in future medical expenses for the affected population.

    The artificial intelligence disease diagnosis system is used nearly 10 million times a year. After using the self-diagnosis system, 56% of patients transferred from the planned emergency to non-emergency treatment, and 97% of patients identified what should be done next, and reduces medical abuse by more than 20%.

    For Health Insurance industryBreak the bottleneck of health risk control technology

    The self-evolution and fusion innovation of artificial intelligence logic and knowledge graph has solved health insurance management problems, such as health insurance costs and health risk control problems under the internet scenario. At the same time, it has broken the foreign monopoly technical barriers in many health insurance operations, and also helps health insurance companies to improve operational efficiency and risk management capabilities.

    One single module of VAIHI ® covers more than 2 million insured persons, the input-output ratio for chronic diseases and high-risk groups is 1:3.17; Deep data mining and verification from intelligent claim settlement recognizes more than 10.7% abnormal amounts among total compensation for cooperated insurance companies.

    Cases Study: VHS provided intelligent big data verification service for historical claims data of a large insurance company, which examined more than 500,000 data, found more than 40,000 pieces of suspect data, discovered 12 categories and 30 items of problem cumulatively, which recovered economic losses of nearly 10 million RMB. The intelligent big data verification service finished the process from behavioral optimization, customer group optimization, product optimization, business line optimization, resource optimization and strategy optimization, realized the benefits from controlling fees simply to managing risk intelligently.

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