• Customized health insurance solutions


    VHS cooperates with insurance companies in risk-controlled products, provides various services and combinations for insurance companies' customers, manages chronic disease risks for renewed customers, and provides rehabilitation services to customers who have already paid for them. VHS believes that health is not just about coping with diseases. Diseases are an outbreak of health risks. The potential risks of non-patient groups need to be identified and controlled. Therefore, in addition to assisting clients in coping with diseases, VHS is more committed to identifying health risks and engaging in health interventions and prevent health risks to reduce the incidence of diseases.


    Products and Service:

    VHS corporate with insurance companies to develop differentiated insurance products, which aimed at target audiences and scenarios, to combine health risk management services with insurance at different health levels, providing the most cost-effective and attractive products for insurance end customers ultimately to achieve product differentiation for insurance companies.


    For more information, please contact:

    VHS China: 021-6032 8668